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As Messianic Jews and non-Jews, we look to the beautiful mosaic of love and guidance that God has laid out for us in the fullness of His word. From Genesis to Revelation, the Lord reveals a road-map to righteousness that with every hill, valley and turn points both Jew and non-Jew to the Annointed One, Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah. The Holy Days, prophecies and wisdom of HIS word cry out with the message of Salvation for ALL nations. As Messianic Jews and non-Jews we invite all to join us in experiencing the incredible blessings that are found in fullness of God's plan of Salvation.

Welcome to the Messianic website that links the Jew and Gentile with their prophesied Messiah and opens up the mystery of the Redeemer of Israel. As the root of Christianity, Jewish worship styles are far more than mere culture and stem from a Biblical and historical relationship with God that has been the basis of their entire existence for over four thousand years. Jews and Gentiles today who believe in Yeshua and follow these Jewish historical and Biblical practices generally refer to themselves as Messianic.

"Messianic" comes from the Hebrew word, "mashiach," which means, "the anointed one." It was used of priests and kings of Israel, but took on a specialized meaning in reference to the coming Messiah, the supernatural Deliverer of Israel. In the first century, when Greek was the lingua franca, "mashiach" was translated into Greek as "christos" from which we have developed the English words, Christ and Christian. So "Messianic" and "Christian" mean the same thing--they refer to a disciple of Yeshua, though they are derived from Hebrew and Greek respectively. Since He is the Messiah of Israel and the One of whom the prophets have spoken, faith in Him, the Hope of Israel, for the atonement of sin is the most Jewish response a person can make. Of course, you don't have to be Jewish to become a disciple, but it couldn't hurt!

A Messianic Congregation is a fellowship of Jews and Gentiles who believe that Yeshua is the true Jewish Messiah promised by God through the writings of the Hebrew Scriptures, and who worship within the framework of traditional Jewish patterns. Many of these groups exist in the United States, Israel, and other countries.

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