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News - August 11, 2005



Kol Dodi Calendar August 13, 2005

meeting @ Calvary Baptist, 101 Bowling Ave. , Nashville

Shabbat (Saturday) 5pm – Oneg fellowship w/ Q & A follows


Saturday 3:30-4:30pm :  Pre-Service Shabbat Fellowship @ Portland Brew, Murphy Rd. – must buy another’s coffee / tea (not your own) 

Tuesdays 7pm - Prayer Time & Book of Hebrews – Michael & Kathy’s: call 292-5867 for directions (Green Hills)

Friday Late Night Outreach in Hillsboro Village after Shabbat Dinners – meet 9-9:30pm at Fido’s (Coffee shop)  call 243-1231

August 13 (new date), Saturday 5pm – Shabbat Service & Concert w/ Michelle Gold, “Shalom Revolution”

August 22, Monday 7pm – Come minister w/ Kol Dodi at Villa Maria Manor, Whitebridge Rd., Nashville (every 4th Monday)

August 27, Saturday 5pm – Guest, Pastor Charles Curtis

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“Jewish Roots” Classes in fall (10 wks; P. Ken Alpren, Instructor):  

beginning September 7, Weds. 6:30-7:30pm Brentwood Baptist

    beginning September 11, Sun. 6–7pm ClearView Baptist, Franklin


 Upcoming Holiday Celebrations / Observances 5765-5766 (2005-2006)

(actual Service dates posted nearer to Holiday )


  • October 3-4  Rosh Ha Shannah (Trumpets / Jewish New Year)
  • October 12-13  Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)
  • October 17-23 Sukkot (Tabernacles)
  • December 25- January 1  Chanukah (Dedication / Festival of Lights)
  • March 13-14  Purim (Lots – Book of Esther)
  • April 12-13  Pesach (Passover)
  • May   Yom ha Atz Ma-ut ( Israel ’s Independence Day)
  • June 1-2 Shevuot (Weeks / Pentecost)

 mail / donations to:  537 Franklin Pike, Franklin , TN 37069

contact:  Pastor Ken Alpren 615-243-1231 (m)


Congregation Baruch HaShem, KC MO.

Rabbi Edwin Farrar  


Message Sent August 8th, 2005 from Rabbi Edwin Farrar

I have exiting news and a great prayer request. I have a meeting out at the synagogue tomorrow evening at 5PM with a reporter from the Jewish Chronicle. He is coming out to take some pictures and ask questions for a possible article. This may be a huge and critical thing for us in reaching the KC Jewish community. He may or may not run the article; however, the fact that he is driving all the way out there is very encouraging.

Please lift this up in your prayers that God be glorified and His will be done. If you are able to be in prayer for us tomorrow at 5PM, I would really appreciate it your prayer covering. I need and desire to have the Holy Spirit speak to the reporter instead of myself.


Message Sent August 11th, 2005 from Rabbi Edwin Farrar

I wanted to let you know how the interview went. It went very well. The reporter was very interested in the fact we are affiliated with the SBC. He was very surprised the Southern Baptist Christians did not have a problem with us wearing tzitzits, prayer shawls, eating kosher, and teach the Torah to people. He was also very surprised to find out about the Southern Baptist Messianic Fellowship. I would not be surprised if he ends up doing a follow-up piece on the SBMF.


Cari and I are very excited and looking forward to reading the article. The reporter himself, did not seem anti-messianic, but that could just be his way of attempting to put us at ease. Still we are very hopeful the article may spur interest in the Jewish Community and help us become included instead of excluded.


Thank you all for you prayers. I know it made the difference. Once we get the article and read over it, I will send out another email.

Shalom; Rabbi Edwin Farrar  


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The L-RD bless you, and watch over you; The L-RD make His face shine on you, And be gracious to you;  The L-RD lift up His countenance on you, And give you peace.   [NASU  Numbers 6:24-26]




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